Designed to Adapt and Built to Last

The new XFORM preform system from PET packaging specialist SIPA accepts molds from leading preform mold makers, giving preforms producers the unprecedented flexibility to use legacy molds in a single machine.
“Our customers need more than incremental improvements to help them grow with the changes in their industry,” notes SIPA general manager Enrico Gribaudo. “The XFORM is one example of how we’re thinking ahead about what makes a big investment worthwhile for them.“
SIPA’s XFORM was presented for the first time at last edition of NPE 2012 (April 2-5, Orlando, Florida).
In addition to its unique versatility, the XFORM’s has a very solid, compact construction. Highly even force distribution and extremely low platen deformation result in low maintenance needs and only minimal mold wear. Meanwhile, the “Autoprotect” system compares closing forces on a shot-to-shot basis with a sensitivity of 1 kN (one thousandth of a ton force) to ensure safe closing.
Built to Last
• Machine has been engineered to deliver the highest platform robustness along with an unprecedented running efficiency
• 500-ton horizontal toggle clamping unit for very limited mold wear
• “Autoprotect“ system ensures safe closing
• Minimal mold wear due to highly even force distribution and extremely low platen deformation
• Maintenance intervals: five million cycles on hot side, eight million cycles on cold side
• Reduced material stress and AA with extremely low screw rotation speed

Cost Advantages
The XFORM’s total cost of ownership (TCO) is the lowest of any machine in its class. The XFORM’s initial investment costs are especially low for preform producers who have already invested in preform molds. Producers can install the XFORM alongside existing lines without a major investment in new tooling.
Meanwhile, low maintenance, high efficiency, and strong competence in preform lightweighting minimize running costs.
Additionally, producers can consult SIPA experts for advice and solutions for preform lightweighting and complex applications.

Fast Production
• Up to 128 mold cavities for high output
• Dry cycle time is 1.6 seconds or better on a 400-mm stroke
• Lock-to-lock time is lower than 2.6 seconds
• 120-mm extruder (L/D 25) up to 800 kg/h with shot size up to 3.4 kg
• 140-mm extruder (L/D 25) up to 1,200 kg/h with shot size up to 6 kg
Efficiency by Design

• SIPA-patented, two-sided post-mold cooling system holds preforms for four to six cooling cycles
• Easy access to the mold area with tie bar distances greater than one meter
• Better accessibility to mold inspection and component replacement
• Mold change-over takes less than three hours
• Cooling system change-over takes less than half an hour
• Handles up to 50% PET regrind (flakes) without the need for special screws

“With our new XFORM, we offer customers a new level of confidence as they face the uncertainties and challenges of the future,” says SIPA’s Enrico Gribaudo. “Now they can produce more preforms faster, and fulfill any mold requirement they can imagine.”

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