Carbonated Soft Drinks

Products: soft drinks with a certain level of carbonation (from 2 vol. to 4.5 vol. of CO2).
There are no special requirements for bottling carbonated soft drinks, while it is very important to optimize the manufacturing process of a CSD bottle (preform project – process) to reach physical-mechanical characteristics required by the product.
The main requirements of a carbonated soft drink container are:
• Preserve CO2 levels inside the packaging. This is important especially for small size containers.
• Reduced bottle expansion due to internal pressure (Shape keeping)
• Burst and drop resistance
• Shape and bottom designed to resist high internal pressure (creep and burst resistance)
• Reduce bottle weight while assuring bottle stability


Carbonated soft drink bottles can be produced on all bottle manufacturing machines offered by SIPA:
• Rotary blowmolders SFR;
• linear blowers SFL;
• integrated platform ECS;
• Integrated bottle blowing-filling-capping systems (Sincro-bloc).
Multilayer bottles can only be produced with SFR and SFL blowing systems.
Coating treatment for CSD bottles can be performed by mean of SIPA Smartcoat®: the technology developed and patented by SIPA to improve the gas barrier properties of PET, OPP and PLA packaging by applying an outer coating to the container.
Soft drink lines are characterized by high performance and operational flexibility. The same lines often handle different product, bottle, cap and packaging requirements. Sipa's production range is designed to match these requirements with high reliability and reduced change-over downtime. CSD can be filled with:
• ISOFILL mechanical isobaric filling monoblock
• ISOTRONIC the volumetric isobaric filling monoblock
Product preparation and process control are also important for reliable consistent product quality: mixer-carbonator DRINKMIX and mass flowmeter blender MASSBLEND are also suitable as well as GENIUS depalletiser and palletiser.
The packaging area is completed by ROBBY range, the robotized handling solutions: a flexible system with customized solutions and high technology for palletizing/depalletising and cartoning.
A full range of complimentary packing machines complete the ‘Dry End’ including casing/uncasing machines, carton erectors, carton sealers and partitions inserters.
With the latest innovative conveyor systems, Sipa Berchi provides complete CSD solutions for bottles, cans, cartons, crates and shrink wrapped packs for all containers.


Material: PET, recycled and reground PET, Barrier PET
Shapes: Round, customized, contour, swirl, Global Swirl
Size: from 100 ml to 5000 ml
Weight: from 10 grams for 100 ml to 120 grams for 5 liters, lightweight containers design
Neck Diameter: from 26 to 38 mm
CO2: up to 4.5 volume
Possibility of CO2 barrier improvement by means of: Multilayer barrier polymers, Blend (Nylon MXD6), Co-Polymers (IPA, PEN,..), Smartcoat (SIPA external coating technology

Special containers

Barrier containers: In order to prolong the product's shelf life, containers can be produced with different types of barriers. To enhance light, humidity, CO2 and oxygen barrier properties of every type of plastic containers, several solutions are today available. The bottles can be produced with the addition of barrier agents blended with the resin (nylon MXD6, EVOH, oxygen scavengers, nanocomposites), with the production of multilayer containers (PET+EVOH or PET + Nylon) or through the application of coating after bottle production. For this purpose, SIPA developed Smartcoat®: a new technology that applies an organic coating to the external surface of plastic containers improving its gas barrier properties. It has been conceived as a modular coating production line with an output varying from 12,000 to 36,000 containers per hour. Excellent barrier performances, good mechanical and thermal performances and full transparency are the main features of smartcoated containers. Moreover, they are recyclable for bottle to bottle application (FDA and PETCORE approved).

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