For the opening of Atkarsky Mez to the oil market, SIPA supplied the entire bottling line for filling by weight with an output of 36,000 b/h.

Atkarsky Mez, based in Saratov, is a major Russian producer of margarine and vegetable spreads, and has now entered the sunflower oil market. Atkarsky Mez contacted SIPA to take advantage of the company's 20 years' experience in the development of packaging systems and the design of complete bottling plants. Atkarsky Mez appointed SIPA to develop the packaging, for the supplying of the blowing moulds and finally for the entire plant, from the production of preforms to bottle blowing up to the bottling by weight filling. The Italian company developed a container with a simple design and high technical performance, especially in terms of resistance to palletising and stability of the container. SIPA has supplied the first set of moulds for rotary blowing followed by a second supply for a different bottle size. SIPA has also supplied the complete plant, consisting of a SIPA PPS injection system with 72 cavities for production of the preforms, a SIPA SFR Rotary Blowmolder for blowing the bottles and a weight filling system. With a production of up to 36,000 bottles/hour, the plant installed at Saratov is one of the first plants to guarantee such a high productivity. The high speed of injection and blowing systems is accompanied by weight filling, which has been specifically designed for the needs of oil producers. Atkarsky Mez appointed SIPA for the design and supply of the whole plant because of the flexibility which the Italian company was able to offer. SIPA is the only manufacturer of bottling machines able to provide the entire production line, from the preforms to the packaging, with the guarantee of excellent technological standards during all the phases.

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