SFL Linear Blowmolders

The SFL linear blowmolding machines stand out on the market due to their high productivity (up to 1,800 bottles/hour/cavity) and low energy consumption, but above all as a result of their versatility and flexibility. SFLs allow the production of the full range of standard and special containers: standard and refillable bottles, hot-fill bottles, large size bottles (up to 30 litres), fully-customised bottles for cosmetics, detergents and chemical products , bottles with handles, containers with shaped necks, oval bottles with differential heating, extremely light weighting bottles with lightweight necks, OPP and PLA bottles and small bottles for pharmaceutical products. Wide mouth jars can be produced at high speed and with a capacity of up to 15 liters.

  Models              Blowing Cavities Maximum bottle size (l) Maximum output (b/h)
STANDARD BOTTLES SFL 6/6 SS  6  2  10,800
  SFL 6/6  6  3  9,600
  SFL 4/4   4  3  7,200
  SFL 6/6 XXL  6  5  7,800
  SFL 4 XL  4  5  6,000
  SFL 4/3 XL   3  5  5,100
  SFL 6/4 XXL   4  12  4,800
  SFL 6/3 XL   3  12  3,750
  SFL 4/2 XL  2  12  2,500
 LARGE SIZE SFL 2/2  2  25  1,500
  SFL 2/1  1  30 800
 WIDE MOUTH SFL 4/4 WM  4  3  6,000
  SFL 4/3 XL WM  3  5  4,500
  SFL 4/2 XL WM  2  12  3,000



• Mineral water • Soft drinks • Fruit juices • Sports drinks • Functional drinks • Tea, coffee • Milk and milk-based products • Edible oils • Beer and spirits • Dressings and sauces • Cosmetics and detergents


• PET, OPP, PLA, Multilayer • Standard and personalised • Lightweight • Hot filling • Pasteurisable • Ultra-Clean • Large sizes (up to 30 litres) • Oval and off-center neck • Oriented neck finish • Light barrier • Gas barrier • Humidity barrier • Active packaging • Refillable Bottles (REF PET)

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Fast: high production = up to 1800 bottles per hour per cavity

The mechanical operation, completely electrical, allows more time for the stretch-blow molding process. The efficiency of the oven does not impose thermal conditioning limits to the performs. The electrical stretching gives precision and flexibility to the process and guarantees full repeatability. Resulting are SFL's high production outputs and excellent container quality.

Low energy consumption and clear production

The fully electrical operation, the non-lubricated oven chain, the blow clamp equipped with self-lubricating graphite bearings and the electrical stretching are all elements that contribute to keeping the inside of the machine clean. This results in limited maintenance requirements, energy savings and in the high quality of the containers. A highly efficient system for the recovery of blowing air is available on all models.


All SFL models can produce a wide range of containers, from 0.10 litres to 12 litres. Changing from one size to another is quick and simple. The system for gripping the preforms enables the type of neck to be changed (from 28 mm up to 48 mm) with simple operations and without the use of tools and adjustments. The gripping system also minimizes the number of personalised parts. The blowing mold changeover is quick and easy. There is an accessible area at the front of the machine for changing the molds with the extraction of the monoblock mold on a simple roller. Changing personalised parts, necessary in the event of a neck change, requires the replacement of all quick fit elements, such as the in-feed star wheel, the chain spindle transfer grippers and the seals. The aligner and the preform gravity chute are the only adjustments required. A change in configuration of the SIPA SFL blow moulding machine from, for example, a 2 cavity configuration for the production of 12 litre containers to a 4 cavity configuration for 1 litre containers, is very simple and fast and may be performed by the machine's operators in just few hours.

Low consumptions

Adoption of a fully electrical operational system to guarantee the maximum energy savings. Reduction of the air consumption for blow molding, adopting a state-of-the-art Air Recovery System (ARS). Very efficient heating oven with significant energy savings.

Easy to use, reliable, low maintenance

The SFL linear blow molding machines have been designed for extremely easy use and enable very simple mold and configuration changes. They are reliable systems with reduced maintenance time and costs.

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