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In the ever-evolving landscape of plastic packaging, innovation remains a driving force behind transformative change. SIPA, an industry leader in packaging solutions, achieved a new milestone with the development of the world's first PET bottle designed specifically for sparkling wine. This innovation has garnered significant attention and acclaim within the wine industry and beyond. PET bottles for sparkling wine provide, infact, numerous advantages, including lightweight design, durability, and sustainability.

PDG on the forefront of the packaging business in Europe

The first player to recognize the potential of SIPA's PET bottles for sparkling wine was PDG Plastiques who stands out as a leader in converting this innovative packaging solution into a reality. Recognizing the numerous advantages these PET bottles offered, PDG Plastiques made a strategic investment in SIPA's preform molds with 32 cavities specifically designed for the production of sparkling wine preforms. This strategic move positioned PDG Plastiques to be at the forefront of the wine packaging industry's transformation. PDG Plastiques invested mot only in SIPA's preform molds but also preform systems and blowing molds. Their commitment to serve the wine packaging markets across Europe and their adoption of SIPA's sustainable packaging solutions exemplify their dedication to excellence.

Expanding Their Reach

PDG Plastiques' vision and investment in SIPA's technology have enabled them to serve the wine packaging markets not only in their home country of France but also in Spain, Germany, and Italy, where the appreciation for fine wines runs deep. Their commitment to innovation and quality has allowed them to make a significant impact on the wine packaging landscape.

A Sustainable Future

In addition to the numerous advantages that PET bottles bring to wine packaging, PDG Plastiques also invested in SIPA's XFORM 350 GEN 4 preform system. The XFORM platform, available in 250, 350, and 500 tons, represents the pinnacle of highly-cost efficient PET preform production through conventional injection molding. It boasts the capability to run molds with up to 200 cavities, making it a versatile choice for various packaging needs. XFORM stands out with its exceptional energy efficiency, low maintenance costs, and its unique ability to accept molds from any manufacturer, showcasing its adaptability and value in the PET preform manufacturing industry. As the demand for available and sustainable packaging solutions continues to grow, SIPA and PDG Plastiques are at the head of this movement, offering innovative PET bottle solutions that combine quality, sustainability, and design freedom. Together, they are redefining wine packaging, offering a new, exciting, and eco-conscious way to enjoy the finest wines from around the world.

PDG Plastiques, an independent and family company, is a major player in the field of PET Preforms & Bottles since 1990.
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